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Welcome to so-youNET !
This is a personal site for me, Char! why so-you I hear you say? Well because this site is mostly all for you, the visitor! There is a little bit to do with me here but most of this site is full of goodies for you to take, tutorials to help you to brush up on your graphic/coding skills and lots of cool things! I have spent a long time on this site and there are quite a few skins to choose from if you don't like the current layout :).  so-youNET is now over 3 years old and as long as people keep visiting and appreciating my work it will be around for a long time to come! X

If my site images do not show then this is usually because of zone alarm pro, to fix this open zone alarm, click on the privacy tab then click on the site list tab.  If is there, scroll along until you see the private header column and make every column is a tick instead of a cross.  If is not there, click on add, type in and make sure all columns are ticked. {screen print}


Coming back soon!
I've decided to get back into web design! Watch this space :)